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River Slate Co. designs and creates slate products perfect for the home. Cheese plates are a great way to start a party and the slate coasters protect your hard wood furniture from hot and cold beverages alike. Inspired by something you didn't see – we can work out custom designs just send us an email.

Cheese Plates by River Slate Co.

Cheese Plates

Finished with a food grade safe sealer the slate cheese plates are protected from stains while hi-lighting the beautiful qualities of the stone. Choose from our designs or create your own by checking out our custom engraving options. Personalize it, memorialize an event, or hi-light your interests the Cheese plates are a great way to entertain!


River Slate Co.


The slate used for our products comes from a region in southwestern Vermont known as Slate Valley. While slate is quarried in other states such as Maine, Pennsylvania and Virginia, the green slate we use on our coasters is only found in this region. Black slate is not indigenous to this region and is imported from small quarries in Pennsylvania or imported from Spain and Portugal.


Bird Coaster Set


Larger than our coasters the trivets are the answer to serving hot dishes no matter the season. Heat absorbing slate is quarried for it’s different color properties while providing a elegant and safe way to protect your counter tops. Perfect for everyday use etched designs will not fade and are safe to eat off of.